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Arborite Laminate


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1403 White Pearl Wood - Arborite
1403-GL                                               White Pearl Wood
1439 Natural Lacewood - Arborite
1439-FP                                             Natural Lacewood
1530 Smoke Speckle Maple - Arborite
1530-VL                                              Smoke Speckle Maple
1531 Gold Speckle Maple - Arborite
1531-VL                                                   Gold Speckle Maple
1538 Fruity Pear - Arborite
1538-VL                                                Fruity Pear
1539 Architectural Maple - Arborite
1539-EV                                   Architectural Maple
1541 Mahogany Vision - Arborite
1541-FP                                         Mahogany Vision
P124 Tatami Nezumi - Arborite
P124-CA                                             Tatami Nezumi
P203 Van Gogh Charcoal - Arborite
P203-CA                                                   Van Gogh Charcoal
P223 Rust Steel - Arborite
P223-CA                                                  Rust Steel
P229 Palermo Miele - Arborite
P229-CA                                           Palermo Miele
P231 Terranova - Arborite
P231-CA                                        Terranova
P238 Palermo Argilla - Arborite
P238-CA                                           Palermo Argilla
P254 Celeste Nova - Arborite
P254-CA                                             Celeste Nova
P256 Playa Nova - Arborite
P256-CA                                                Playa Nova
P257 Tatami Kori - Arborite
P257-CA                                             Tatami Kori
P259 Tatami Chokoreto - Arborite
P259-CA                                             Tatami Chokoreto
P260 Tatami Sabi - Arborite
P260-CA                                             Tatami Sabi
P271 Fresh Mist - Arborite
P271-CA                                                Fresh Mist
P272 Morning Mist - Arborite
P272-CA                                          Morning Mist
P276 Night Mist - Arborte
P276-CA                                                Night Mist
P277 St. Lawrence Bedrock - Arborite
P277-LM                                                    St. Lawrence Bedrock
P278 Mississippi Bedrock - Arborite
P278-LM                                     Mississippi Bedrock
P282 Gaspe Grey Granite - Arborite
P282-FP                                               Gaspe Grey Granite
P283 Tundra Taupe Granite - Arborite
P283-FP                                             Tundra Taupe Granite
P284 Klondike Gold Granite - Arborite
P284-FP                                          Klondike Gold Granite
P285 Jasper Brown Granite - Arborite
P285-FP                                              Jasper Brown Granite
P288 Appalachian Stone - Arborite
P288-LM                                  Appalachian Stone
P297 Tatami Wasabi - Arborite
P297-SR                                             Tatami Wasabi
P298 Tatami Nikki - Arborite
P298-CA                                             Tatami Nikki
P299 Tatami Serori - Arborite
P299-SR                                             Tatami Serori
P300 Tatami Mitsu - Arborite
P300-SR                                             Tatami Mitsu
P301 Tatami Hanairo - Arborite
P301-SR                                              Tatami Hanairo
P302 Montana Sunrise - Arborite
P302-BC                                         Montana Sunrise
P304 Montana Dusk - Arborite
P304-BC                                         Montana Dusk
P305 Montana Midnight - Arborite
P305-BC                                         Montana Midnight
P310 Tatami Denimu - Arborite
P310-SR                                              Tatami Denimu
P311 White Xabia - Arborite
P311-CA                                                White Xabia
P312 Green Xabia - Arborite
P312-FP                                                Green Xabia
P313 Gold Xabia - Arborite
P313-FP                                                  Gold Xabia
P314 Taupe Xabia - Arborite
P314-FP                                                Taupe Xabia
P315 Chocolate Xabia - Arborite
P315-CA                                         Chocolate Xabia
P316 Red Xabia - Arborite
P316-CA                                                   Red Xabia
P317 Grey Xabia - Arborite
P317-CA                                                  Grey Xabia
P318 Navy Xabia - Arborite
P318-CA                                                 Navy Xabia
P319 Jaipur Pearl - Arborite
P319-IM                                               Jaipur Pearl
P320 Jaipur Amber - Arborite
P320-IM                                              Jaipur Amber
P321 Jaipur Topaz - Arborite
P321-IM                                               Jaipur Topaz
P322 Jaipur Onyx - Arborite
P322-IM                                              Jaipur Onyx
P323 Brushed Aged Bronze - Arborite
P323-MX                                         Brushed Aged Bronze
P324 Brushed Copper Brite - Arborite
P324-MX                                         Brushed Copper Brite
P325 Brushed Pewter - Arborite
P325-MX                                         Brushed Pewter
P326 Brushed Pewter Green - Arborite
P326-MX                                         Brushed Pewter Green
P327 Ice Box - Arborite
P327-CA                                                     Ice Box
P329 Creme Chamois - Arborite
P329-CA                                              Creme Chamois
P331 Charcoal Chamois - Arborite
P331-CA                                          Charcoal Chamois
P332 Natural Chamois - Arborite
P332-CA                                            Natural Chamois
P333 Sahara Sand - Arborite
P333-CA                                             Sahara Sand
P334 Sahara Storm - Arborite
P334-CA                                             Sahara Storm
P335 Sahara Blaze - Arborite
P335-CA                                              Sahara Blaze
P340 Granito Terra - Arborite
P340-VT                                            Granito Terra
P341 Granito Foresta - Arborite
P341-VT                                             Granito Foresta
P342 Granito Oceano - Arborite
P342-VT                                            Granito Oceano
P343 Inukshuk Brown - Arborite
P343-RM                                       Inukshuk Brown
P344 Inukshuk Grey - Arborite
P344-RM                                       Inukshuk Grey
P345 Inukshuk Taupe - Arborite
P345-RM                                       Inukshuk Taupe
P346 Inukshuk Carbon - Arborite
P346-RM                                       Inukshuk Carbon
P347 Wired Gold - Arborite
P347-FP                                               Wired Gold
P348 Wired Bronze - Arborite
P348-FP                                               Wired Bronze
P349 Wired Copper - Arborite
P349-FP                                               Wired Copper
P350 Wired Titanium - Arborite
P350-FP                                               Wired Titanium
P352 Sahara Eclipse - Arborite
P352-CA                                             Sahara Eclipse
P353 Sahara Nights - Arborite
P353-CA                                              Sahara Nights
P354 Tatami Kokoa - Arborite
P354-CA                                             Tatami Kokoa
P355 Weathered Hemp - Arborite
P355-RM                                     Weathered Hemp
P356 Earthen Hemp - Arborite
P356-RM                                          Earthen Hemp
P357 Sun Washed Hemp - Arborite
P357-RM                                                  Sun Washed Hemp
P362 Ruched Linen - Arborite
P362-SR                                            Ruched Linen
P363 Ruched Flax - Arborite
P363-SR                                            Ruched Flax
P364 Ruched Jute - Arborite
P364-SR                                            Ruched Jute
P365 Sky Tulle - Arborite
P365-CA                                                    Sky Tulle
P366 Honeydew Tulle - Arborite
P366-CA                                      Honeydew Tulle
P367 Sapphire Tulle - Arborite
P367-CA                                          Sapphire Tulle
P368 Springtime Impression - Arborite
P368-CA                                     Springtime Impression
P369 Cobble Impression - Arborite
P369-CA                                             Cobble Impression
P370 Storm Impression - Arborite
P370-CA                                               Storm Impression
P371 Sandstone Ashlar - Arborite
P371-CA                                        Sandstone Ashlar
P373 Dusk Sleet - Arborite
P373-CA                                                 Dusk Sleet
P374 Dawn Sleet - Arborite
P374-CA                                                Dawn Sleet
P375 Morning Sleet - Arborite
P375-CA                                          Morning Sleet
P376 Pampas Safari - Arborite
P376-CA                                            Pampas Safari
P377 Moonlight Safari - Arborite
P377-CA                                       Moonlight Safari
P378 Golden Safari - Arborite
P378-CA                                             Golden Safari
P379 Safari Stone - Arborite
P379-CA                                               Safari Stone
P380 Organic Twill - Arborite
P380-CA                                           Organic Twill
P381 Silver Twill - Arborite
P381-CA                                                Silver Twill
P382 Cloudy Twill - Arborite
P382-CA                                             Cloudy Twill
P383 Cinnamon Twill - Arborite
P383-CA                                       Cinnamon Twill
P384 Marigold Twill - Arborite
P384-CA                                         Marigold Twill
P385 Olive Twill - Arborite
P385-CA                                                Olive Twill
P386 Indigo Twill - Arborite
P386-CA                                              Indigo Twill
P387 Nuno Glace - Arborite
P387-CA                                                Nuno Glace
P388 Nuno Clay - Arborite
P388-CA                                               Nuno Clay
P389 Nuno Pearl - Arborite
P389-CA                                                Nuno Pearl
P390 Nuno Oyster - Arborite
P390-CA                                                Nuno Oyster
P391 Ruched Chiffon - Arborite
P391-CA                                             Ruched Chiffon
P392 Urban Day - Arborite
P392-CA                                              Urban Day
P393 Urban Night - Arborite
P393-CA                                              Urban Night
P500 Black Stone - Arborite
P500-CA                                                Black Stone
P623 Brushed Aluminum - Arborite
P623-MX                                         Brushed Aluminum
P885 Black Grit - Arborite
P885-CA                                                Black Grit
P886 Grey Grit - Arborite
P886-CA                                                 Grey Grit
P948 Hiverna - Arborite
P948-CA                                           Hiverna
P959 Papyrus Terra - Arborite
P959-CA                                           Papyrus Terra
P971 Renoir De Nice - Arborite
P971-CA                                              Renoir De Nice
P999 Pewter - Arborite
P999-CA                                             Pewter
S405 Black - Arborite
S405-CA/SR405-SR                             Black
S406 Silver Grey - Arborite
S406-CA                                               Silver Grey
S407 Ivory - Arborite
S407-CA                                                 Ivory
S417 Snow White - Arborite
S417-CA/S417-SR                                Snow White
S419 Burgundy - Arborite
S419-CA                                         Burgundy
S431 Willow Grey - Arborite
S431-CA/S431-SR                             Willow Grey
S434 Charcoal - Arborite
S434-CA                                          Charcoal
S436 Sand - Arborite
S436-CA                                                 Sand
S444 New Sand - Arborite
S444-CA                                                  New Sand
S445 Almond - Arborite
S445-CA                                            Almond
S463 Antique White - Arborite
S463-CA                                            Antique White
S466 Bright Red - Arborite
S466-CA/S466-SR                              Bright Red
S469 Dune - Arborite
S469-CA                                                Dune
S477 Doeskin - Arborite
S477-CA                                            Doeskin
S480 Daffodil - Arborite
S480-CA                                           Daffodil
S486 Beige - Arborite
S486-CA                                                Beige
S497 Ultamarine - Arborite
S497-CA/S497-SR                   Ultramarine
S498 Fire Red - Arborite
S498-CA/S498-SR                                  Fire Red
S508 Cordova Brown - Arborite
S508-CA/S508-SR                          Cordova Brown
S513 Denim Blue - Arborite
S513-CA                                              Denim Blue
S517 Saguenay - Arborite
S517-CA                                          Saguenay
S542 Limousine Grey - Arborite
S542-CA                                       Limousine Grey
S548 Custom Grey - Arborite
S548-CA                                            Custom Grey
S550 Elegant White - Arborite
S550-CA                                            Elegant White
S568 Midnight Blue - Arborite
S568-CA                                         Midnight Blue
S573 Iris - Arborite
S573-CA/S573-SR                                   Iris
W134 Cognac Curly Anigre - Arborite
W134-VL                                            Cognac Curly Anigre
W138 Burnished Cherry - Arborite
W138-VL                                      Burnished Cherry
W230 Sliced Red Oak - Arborite
W230-VL                                             Sliced Red Oak
W305 Parliament Walnut - Arborite
W305-VL                                    Parliament Walnut
W372 Mahogany - Arborite
W372-FP                                    Mahogany*
W373 Castle Oak - Arborite
W373-EV                                              Castle Oak
W403 Natural Anegre - Arborite
W403-EV                                          Natural Anegre
W404 Wild Cherry - Arborite
W404-VL                                                Wild Cherry
W405 Cherry Brandy - Arborite
W405-VL                                            Cherry Brandy
W411 Copper Wood - Arborite
W411-VL                                            Copper Wood
W412 Wenge - Arborite
W412-FP                                              Wenge
W413 Majestic Maple - Arborite
W413-VL                                          Majestic Maple
W414 Cherry Jubilee - Arborite
W414 -VL                                            Cherry Jubilee
W415 Chocolate Hazelnutwood - Arborite
W415-FP                                       Chocolate Hazelnutwood
W416 Caramel Applewood - Arborite
W416-VL                                          Caramel Applewood
W417 Spiced Walnut - Arborite
W417-FP                                             Spiced Walnut
W418 Walnut Fudge - Arborite
W418-FP                                            Walnut Fudge
W420 Summer Flame - Arborite
W420-VL                                         Summer Flame
W421 Candlelight - Arborite
W421-VL                                    Candlelight
W423 Dark Zebrano - Arborite
W423-SR                                                Dark Zebrano
W424 Mocha Rosewood - Arborite
W424-FP                                            Mocha Rosewood
W425 Burnished Rosewood - Arborite
W425-FP                                      Burnished Rosewood
W426 Blonde Figured Anigre - Arborite
W426-VL                                            Blonde Figured Anigre
W427 Cognac Figured Anigre - Arborite
W427-VL                                           Cognac Figured Anigre
W428 Brown Figured Anigre - Arborite
W428-VL                                            Brown Figured Anigre
W429 Vanilla Bean Tekka - Arborite
W429-VL                                            Vanilla Bean Tekka
W430 Pecan Tekka - Arborite
W430-VL                                              Pecan Tekka
W431 Cashew Tekka - Arborite
W431-VL                                           Cashew Tekka
W431 Cashew Tekka - Arborite
W432-RM                                               Raw Sugar Cane
W433 Brown Sugar Cane - Arborite
W433-RM                                           Brown Sugar Cane
W434 Dark Sugar Cane - Arborite
W434-RM                                              Dark Sugar Cane
W435 Macassar Russet - Arborite
W435-FP                                        Macassar Russet
W436 Macassar Auburn - Arborite
W436-FP                                        Macassar Auburn
W437 Macassar Ebony - Arborite
W437-FP                                        Macassar Ebony
W443 Secret - Arborite
W443-VL                                             Secret
W445 Afromosia Congo - Arborite
W445-FP                                      Afromosia Congo
W446 Afromosia Cameroon - Arborite
W446-FP                                      Afromosia Cameroon
W447 Afromosia Ghana - Arborite
W447-FP                                      Afromosia Ghana
W448 Afromosia Nigeria - Arborite
W448-FP                                      Afromosia Nigeria
W449 Rift Natural Oak - Arborite
W449-EV                                                 Rift Natural Oak
W450 Rift Golden Oak - Arborite
W450-EV                                                 Rift Golden Oak
W451 Rift Aged Oak - Arborite
W451-EV                                                  Rift Aged Oak
W452 Smoked Sugar Cane - Arborite
W452-RM                                        Smoked Sugar Cane
W453 Pearwood - Arborite
W453-VL                                       Pearwood
W454 Natural Crossfire Pear - Arborite
W454-EV                                          Natural Crossfire Pear
W455 Pickled Crossfire Pear - Arborite
W455-EV                                           Pickled Crossfire Pear
W456 Silvered Crossfire Pear - Arborite
W456-EV                                          Silvered Crossfire Pear
W457 Honey Combed - Arborite
W457-SR                                             Honey Combed
W458 Beach Combed - Arborite
W458-SR                                              Beach Combed
W459 Summer Elm - Arborite
W459-VL                                         Summer Elm
W460 Winter Elm - Arborite
W460-VL                                            Winter Elm
W461 Sulawesi Dunes - Arborite
W461-EV                                         Sulawesi Dunes
W462 Sulawesi Hazel - Arborite
W462-EV                                        Sulawesi Hazel
W464 Blonde Modern Cherry - Arborite
W464-EV                                           Blonde Modern Cherry
W465 Mocha Modern Cherry - Arborite
W465-EV                                            Mocha Modern Cherry
W466 Auburn Modern Cherry - Arborite
W466-EV                                          Auburn Modern Cherry
W467 Arabica Modern Cherry - Arborite
W467-EV                                           Arabica Modern Cherry
W468 Fumed American Elm - Arborite
W468-EV                                           Fumed American Elm
W469 Noir American Elm - Arborite
W469-EV                                                Noir American Elm